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Donor Privacy Policy

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Breathe California will not share your information with third parties by selling, giving, trading or any other method. Users of this site will not receive unsolicited contact from third parties.

Ways information about you is used

We use personal information to complete donations and deposits. Specifically, if you contribute using a credit card, that information will be collected only for processing purposes. In addition, the information we collect is used as the basis of an email receipt sent to you after your donation is processed. We may also use this information to help respond to your inquiries.

We will not disclose credit card information and/or banking information to third parties except as necessary for processing donation payments.

We will practice reasonable precautions to keep credit card numbers and/or banking information confidential and private.

Credit card and banking information will be retained only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes and as required for verification of tax deductable donations.