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Asthma Trainings

Medical Staff Asthma Trainings

BCCC provides asthma trainings to medical staff, which covers asthma physiology, medications, medication delivery devices and their proper use, as well as identifying major barriers for asthma management and understanding cultural, language and SES barriers to asthma management.

CME (Continuing Medical Education)

BCCC offers different asthma presentations to physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and registered nurses and provides them with CME’s. These events can be part of existing programs, such as the ProFAA program, or can be their own stand-alone event sponsored, or co-sponsored by BCCC.

Annual Medical Conference

School Staff and Teacher Trainings

BCCC provides asthma trainings to K-12 staff and teachers. These trainings follow a clear outline developed to cater to the increasing time constraints and limitations of school personnel. Trainings cover asthma signs and symptoms, medications and how to use them, emergency signs and how to proceed, as well as updated information on pertinent legislation, such as AB 2132, which allows students with asthma to carry and self administer their asthma medication.